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Denka Products Dealers & Suppliers in Dubai 

Founded in 1915, Denka is a Japanese conglomerate brand with an immersive presence in Life Innovation, Electronics & Innovative Products, Infrastructure & Social Solutions, Elastomers & Performance Plastics, and Living & Environment Products.

In the Electronics & Innovative Products, Denka has an assortment of high-tech and high-design solutions for customers across the spectrum. It develops and manufactures highly functional adhesives and films, advanced specialty materials, special conductive materials, and much. With a dedicated R&D policy and structure in place, Denka is leading the way in bringing the Japanese brand of innovation, performance, and functionality to the world.

Pioneer Elecricals LLC is one of the leading electrical suppliers of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in the Dubai.We are one of the Authorized distributors & dealers of denka products in dubai.We supplies branded products of insulation tape,industrial plug,rubber flexible cables & netwoking cables.

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