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Jeddah Cable Company

Jeddah Cables Supplier In Dubai

Jeddah Cables Company is a reckoning force in the cables category. The company is poised as the leading cables manufacturer in the region. Fusing innovation with technology, Jeddah Cables Company continues to push the envelope as far as cable design and development is concerned. Established in 1989, the company began as a humble startup that specialized in low voltage cables. Fast forward to over three decades, the company is a leader in manufacturing world-class cables in the Middle East. 

Situated in Jeddah, the organization has modernized manufacturing facilities that include the process machinery from best worldwide companies in the field from highly technological countries, alongside the first vertical vulcanization (VCV) tower (125 m high) in the Kingdom to produce 400 KV Energy Cables.

The products portfolio is sizably large. The company’s specialties include: High and Extra High Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, Low Voltage Cables, Building Wires, Control Cables, and much more. Pioneer Electricals is one of the leading supplier of jeddah cables and we are making sure you are safe with our high quality electric cables.

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