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Need high-quality and long-lasting electrical measuring instruments? HOIKI is the answer. In business since 1935, the company and brand are committed to delivering products and services that meet the benchmarks of quality, research, and innovation, sales, and services, environmental and social responsibility.

With a global network, HOIKI is leading developer and manufacturer of products such as Data Acquisition Oscilloscopes, Multichannel Data Loggers, Temperature Data Loggers, Compact Data Loggers, LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers, Resistance Meters, Battery Testers, Electrometers, Picoammeters,     Electrical Safety Testers, Hipot, Insulation, Leakage Testers, Benchtop Digital Multimeters (DMMs), Signal Generators, Power Analyzers, Power Meters, specialized solutions and much more!

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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all your electrical requirements. Looking for the best offer? I'm happy to tell you about our fantastic and wide product range Let me know if you've got any questions.