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Galvanized Cable (GI) Tray & Trunking & Channels

Galvanized Cable Tray Supplier In UAE

Cable trays have an important role in ensuring the security and safety of cable and electrical wires, and fittings. At Pioneer Electricals LLC, we have an impressive range of cable trays that are capable of keeping everything in place and together. Our cable trays can be used in all kinds of open and enclosed spaces. Pioneer Electricals is one of the authorized galvanized cable tray supplier in UAE and we have wide range of branded electrical products in Dubai and we are one of the top wholesaler of galvanized cable trays in United Arab Emirates with an affordable rates.

Our Cable Tray Products

Cable trays are available in a lot of varieties because they have versatile applications. We are UAE’s premier cable trays suppliers, and we have an exclusive selection of cable trays including galvanized coatings, pre-galvanized or hot dip galvanized cable trays.

GI Cable Tray Features

Cable Trunking & Channels

Cable trunking is a technique that is used to safeguard cables from hazardous conditions and to ensure effective safety of faulty wires. We have a full-fledged cable management system that caters to homes, offices, hospitals, etc.

Regardless of what your cable trunking needs are, we have all the varieties and sizes available to support and safeguard all kinds of electrical fittings.

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