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Industrial Plug & Sockets

We have a well-established and formidable supply chain network that fulfills the demand for the bespoke products in the UAE market. As we work with the best brands that manufacture industrial plugs and sockets using the highest-quality materials, we can vouch that our industrial plugs and sockets are the best in the UAE. The design, function, durability of our plugs and sockets are equipped to cater to all kinds of industrial environments, and uphold every safety measure, and are highly effective.

We assure you that our varieties of industrial plugs and sockets are in line with national and international quality and safety protocols. Our products in this category include:

  • Plugs
  • Connectors
  • Switch interlocks
  • Surface sockets
  • Panel mounted sockets
  • High current connectors
  • Industrial plug and mounted sockets

Features & Applications

  • Overall design and structure of industrial plugs and sockets is shockproof
  • Easy to install
  • Industrial connectors have high protection competencies
  • Industrial plugs are high performance but do not have maintenance needs; are extremely safe
  • Can be used to attach to all kinds of connectable and disconnectable devices and applications
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