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Insulation Tape

Insulation Tape Suppliers In UAE

Pioneer Electricals LLC is Dubai’s one-stop-shop that has various supplies of insulation tapes for different types of cable fittings and electrical uses and applications. Whether you want to address needs related to wire insulation or ensure safety measures, we have an impressive variety of well-designed and dynamic electrical tapes that are of high quality and competitively priced. Pioneer Electricals LLC is one of the leading electrical wholesalers and suppliers of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in Dubai. We are one of the best Insulation tape suppliers in the UAE. We supply branded products of wiring accessoriesearthing accessories.

We cater to small and big projects. Here are some of the uses and applications for which our insulation tapes can come in handy:

Specifications & Features


As Dubai’s leading and trusted insulation tape provider, our product catalog in this category is headlined by bestselling tapes such as PVC Insulation Tapes Nylon, Rayon, NWP Cotton, Glass and Mica Tapes, Rubber Tapes, Standard Insulation Tapes. These are available in all kinds of standard sizes and colors.

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