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Emergency & Exit Lights

Emergecy exit Light Suppliers in Dubai

When it comes to lighting, emergency and exit lights are always in-demand. In case of a power supply failure or in the event of a fire accident, you are going to need emergency and exit lights to light up the paths, and guide you out of danger. Fundamentally, emergency and exit lights are sub-categorized into emergency escape lighting and standby lighting, and they provide assistance to people to leave or escape a venue that has been struck by mishap or calamity.

Pioneer ELectrical LLC is one of the leading electrical suppliers of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in the Dubai.We are one of the best emergency exit light suppliers in Dubai. We are the top wholesaler of  emergency exit lights and we supplies branded products of bulbs,tubes,wiring accessories,pvc accessories & metal encloser.

Escape/Exit Lights

They are an important component of emergency escapes that makes sure that persons are able to move in the right direction and it leads them to the exit door.

Standby Emergency Lights

The standby emergency lights are useful when there is a power outage on the venue – it can be commercial, residential, or open-air premises.

Features & Applications

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