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Brass Cable Glands Bw/Cw & Cable Lugs

While it is true that the entry points of wires and cables are crucial aspect, the finishing touches and proper installation of cables is just as important. The activities of sealing and terminating should be executed with precision. Cable gland offer enclosures that are explosion-proof as well as ensures that the installation time is reduced. Not to forget, cable glands also provide safety against dust and moisture.

We have a selection of the best-quality cable glands that have the specialty of sealing around cables effectively as part of the installation process. It must be noted that cable glands are designed with different materials. Therefore, when you choose a cable gland, ensure that you choose based on safety standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Well-suited for dry and indoor locations; compatiable with SWA cables (all types)
  •  High impact resistance.
  • Strong grip and hold
  • Supports additional sealing on parts of the cable that are connected
  • Can be used as safety equipment in locations of high danger


  • Brass finishing
  • Has a separate armour locking ring
  • Operating temperature range is between -20°C to +80°C
  • Provides maximum safety against moisture and dust
By design, cable lugs can be referred to as joints or connectors and they are composed with two flat components and the palm. Essentially, it is the silver metal that is visible at the cable’s end or is seen placed between two or more electric wires, and is used to connect cables to electrical machines or surfaces. Cable lugs are easy to install, and require little maintenance. Cable lugs are important for they provide safety against shocks, and also protect connectors from getting damaged. At our store in Dubai, we have many types of cable lugs available – copper cable lugs, aluminium cable lugs, battery cable lugs, etc.

Feature & Application of Our Cable Lugs

  • Has tin-plated finishing to safeguard against oxidation and corrosion.
  • The annealing is crack-free
  • Designed with Electrolytic Copper or Aluminium
  • Offers ease in installation and use
  • Best-suited for ensuring cable-safety and connector-safety
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