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Networking Cables & Accessories

“Networking” is quite the buzzword in the electrical supplies category as it is in the IT community. The difference being when we talk about “networking”, we are referring to networking cables and accessories. These are useful to connect and enable data transmission between devices such as computers, routers, storage networks, etc. Networking cables and accessories are omnipresent in homes and offices. Pioneer Electricals LLC is the leading networking cables and accessories provider in the UAE.

Fibre Optic Cable

Fibre optic cables are top choice to accomplish data networking needs. These are cables that have high bandwidths, and it is a configuration that it required for widespread venues such as hospitals, banks, airports, etc.

Twisted Pair Cables

The twisted pair cables are commonly found in places such as retail store, offices, etc. These cables are used to establish local area networks. The twisted pair cables are aligned with four sets of thin connecting wires. Each pair is entwined to avoid interference from other cables, and connected devices.

Features & Applications

Our networking cables are of premium design and make, and are built to meet advanced networking needs. The cables are fully-tested and compatible with short-bodied connectors.

More Networking Cables

  • Telephone Cables, Modem Cables
  • Telco Cables, BNC Cables
  • Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a patch cables
  • DB9, DB15, or DB25 modular adapters
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