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Stainless Steel & Nylon Cable Ties

Pioneer Electricals LLC has an expansive slate of high-quality cable ties that available in different colours and sizes.

You can use these cable ties in numerous application aimed at accomplishing the management and oversight of electric wires and cables.

Stainless Steel Cable ties

  • They are corrosion-resistant.
  • Widely used in marine settings wherein there is increased exposure to agents such as chemicals, salts, and acids. It may influence the bundling feature of the cable ties.
  • Extended functional expectancy.

Nylon Cable ties

  • The moulded nylon cable tie comes in one peice; it measures 6.6 and non-releasable
  • Has a curved finger grip
  • Promotes fast installation because it has a low threading capability
  • The pointed areas are sleekly-rounded

Pioneer Electricals LLC has built a strong customer base in the UAE because we complement high quality with high performance, and that what makes as a leader in electric cable ties solutions provider in the UAE.

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