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GI Conduits & Accessories

Electrical conduit has is a critical element that ensures the protection of electrical wires, cables, and fittings. Flexible GI conduits are popular, and they ate mainly used in wirings where rigid conduits are not a recommendable choice. Flexible GI conduits have high elasticity that promotes the bending feature in them that makes suitable for all kinds of installation procedures.

We also have GI PVC Conduits that are laden with solid coating with pigments of stabilizer to make sure that wires are safe from corrosion and heat conditions caused due to interruptive scenarios.

Features & Applications

  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Mostly chemical-resistant; completely anti-corrosive
  • Strong, high durability, high tensile strength, easy to install, and easy to maintain
  • Good choice for industrial and institutional building projects
  • Stable in sensitive environments
  • High elasticity; is resilient to fluids such as oil, acid, and seawater
  • Suitable for special applications in industries such as healthcare, marine, food and beverage, etc, where installations of electrical cable routing is pre-planned

Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature ranges between -15 0c to + 80 0c
  • Designed with a galvanized steel core that has increased low acid PVC coating
  • Sizes available: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and 50mm
  • Oil-resistant
  • Heat and tear-resistant

Conduit Accessories

Pioneer Electricals LLC has strong tie-ups with the world’s best manufacturers that specialize in design, manufacture and delivery of high-quality conduit accessories such as spacer, screws, rigid saddle, etc. When you purchase conduit accessories from us we can guarantee that they will optimally support your electrical installations, and provide maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

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