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Armoured Cables Xlpe / Low Smoke Flame & Earthing Cables

armoured cable supplier in uae

Armoured Cable

Armoured cable, also known as SWA, is a durable power cable created for the supply of mains electricity. It is one of several armoured electrical cables, such as the 11 kV Cable and the 33 kV Cable, that are found in cable ducting, subterranean systems, and power networks.

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Armoured Cable Supplier In Dubai

We are one of the best electrical wholesalers in Dubai. We have a wide variety of earthing and electric fitting cables. If you are looking to procure different types of armoured cables, we have single-core armoured cables, multi-core XLPE/PVC/AWA armoured cables. These are high-voltage cables that have a rating that ranges between 600V and 1000V. We also have premium quality cable accessories that are tried and tested to fit different types of cables in different applications. Pioneer Electricals LLC is one of the leading armoured cable suppliers in Dubai. We provide a wide range of quality earthing accessories and electric equipment. As a leading  Ducab cable supplier in UAE, we also provide a selection of high-quality cable accessories that have been carefully designed and tested to ensure a perfect match with our cables.



As one of Dubai’s leading suppliers of electrical products, we have low smoke flame-resistant cables as one of our best-selling products. These cables come in very handy for wiring purposes in commercial and residential properties – hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. These cables are popularly mainly because they provided premium safety in fire incidents. Because of the materials and design, these cables release minimal smoke and toxic gas. More importantly, these cables are capable of stalling the spread of fire. Similarly, we offer low smoke flame cables that are weather and fire-resistant, and have higher mechanical durability thus ensuring increased protection.

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