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NCI Cables in Dubai

The National Cable Industry (NCI) manufactures and supplies various signature products including Fire Resistant Cable, Control Cables, Overhead Conductors, Medium Voltage Cables, Low Voltage Cables, PVC flexible wires and Wires. NCI products are widely installed in residential and commercial projects and government utilities.

Since its inception in 2001 in Sharjah, the NCI has spearheaded a revolution of advancements and innovation in cable and wire design and management as a result of which it is a leading solutions provider in the Electrical and Telecommunication fields.  NCI produces a complete series of multipurpose electrical wires, cables, and overhead conductors from low voltage to high voltage.

NCI Cable Suppliers in UAE

Pioneer Electricals is a well-established wholesaler for NCI cable suppliers in the UAE. Having built a strong cliental base, we strive to ensure our clients are provided with only the highest quality of products from us.

NCI cables are a reputed brand known for its Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 which is certified by British Approval Services for Electric Cables (BASEC).

Including BASEC Product Certification Requirements (PCR 2.6), NCI’s Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 is certified by RICI.

NCI cables have the BASEC Product marking License for 1 core and 4 core 0.6/1 kV Cables, NCI 2,3 and 4 Core Fire Resistant Cables are LPCB Certified.

NCI cables has obtained the Emirates Quality mark certification for Low and Medium-voltage cables & wires from ESMA, U.A.E

NCI cables are also dedicated in protecting the environment while providing good quality and sturdy hardware for your constructional needs.

NCI Products Description

Fire Resistant Cable – Cables created to withstand fires and for firefighting devices, sprinkler systems, fire alarm system, protective equipment and evacuation systems.
  • Cable made of Copper Conductors, MICA Tape Primary Insulation, XLPE Secondary Insulation, Armored/ Un-armored Single and Multicore Cable are amongst the varying types of NCI cables available.
Control Cables – Multicolored Conductor cables used for instrumentation application to measure and regulate transmission of automated processes.
  • Multi-Core Control Cables with PVC and XLPE Insulation, Copper Solid, Round stranded and Flexible Conductors, Armored/Un-armored/Copper Wire/Copper Tape/Lead Sheathed designs, Colour Coded with and without Green/Yellow Combination, Fire Retardant Grades, Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Cables, ESMA and BASEC certified products.
Overhead Cables – Used commonly for electrical transmission and distribution of electrical energy across a large expanse of distance, spanning several kilometers.
  • Hard drawn Copper Conductors, Bare and Insulated Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy Conductors, Aerial Bundle Cables, ACSR, ACSR/AW, ACAR, AACSR, AW Conductors, Regular, High Strength, Extra high Strength Conductors.
Medium Volage Cables – Used mainly for distributing power in industrial settings, mining supplies such as power drills, shovels, and other mobile substation equipment.
  • Medium Voltage Cables with XLPE and TR-XLPE Insulation, Copper/Aluminium Conductors, Metallic Screen of Copper Tape/Copper Wire/Lead Sheath, Armored/Un-armored designs, Single Core and 3 Core Constructions, Fire Retardant Grades, PVC/LLDPE/MDPE/HDPE Sheathed and Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Cables, ESMA and BASEC certified products.
Low Voltage Cables – Used in residential and commercial settings, it is to installed to distribute power to electrical appliances such as smart doorbells, garage door opener controls, thermostats, alarm system sensors and controls (CCTV, motion sensors), landscape lighting and AV wiring (Surround sound audio systems, intercom systems).
  • Low Voltage Cables with PVC and XLPE Insulation, Copper/Aluminium Conductors, Armored/Un-armored/Lead Sheathed designs, Single Core and Multi-core Constructions, Fire Retardant Grades, Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Cables, ESMA and BASEC certified products.
Wires – For electrical wiring in residential, commercial, industrial and constructional usage.
  • 300/500 Volts, 450/750 Volts, 600/1000 Volts PVC Insulated Wires, Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Wires. Panel wires as per BS EN 50525, IEC 60227 and BS 6231 with Solid, Rigid and Flexible Conductors.
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