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Rayners PVC Glue

Established in 1991, Famatel Professional is one of Europe’s leading giants in the electrical supplies category. The company has two diverse product portfolios that address the needs of industries and homes respectively.

The Industrial products catalog is headlined by electrical supplies such as industrial enclosures, Industrial plugs and cable reel systems, IP65 distribution panels and enclosures, IP55 sealed boxes, IP40 residential boxes and enclosures, Metal enclosures, Plasterboard boxes and enclosures, and Junction boxes.

The domestic products range consists of varieties of Switches and mechanisms, Sockets, Domestic extensions and cable reel, Plugs, sockets and adapters, Lamp-holders, Lighting, Trunking, insulation tape, rubber flexible cable  and Fixing Material.

Famatel Professional has a growing distribution network inside and outside of Spain. The company has an active footprint in five continents. Pioneer Electricals LLC is proud to be Famatel’s official rep and dealer in the UAE.

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