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A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd established in 1946 is a world-leading manufacturer of earthing, lightning protection, exothermic welding and surge protection products. They also offer expert design services for earthing & lightning systems.

While their production site is situated in Nottingham UK, their distribution network is widespread in all parts of the world. Among the many prized projects that the company has provided its services for, some of them are: The Grand Prix Circuit in Abu Dhabi, Hospitals in Kuwait and Qatar, Mosques in Libya and Bahrain, Petrochemical Projects in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Oman, Telecommunication Towers in Nigeria and Thailand, Rail Installations in Hong Kong and UK, Airports in UAE, Oman and Europe.

Their highly experienced world-wide team use the Industry standard software package CDEGS to assist them in the earthing system design process. All of their designs also comply with National & International standards.

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