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Bicon Distributor in Dubai, UAE

Bicon is one of the UK’s leading cable products and accessories manufacturers and sellers. With over 100 years of industry experience, Bicon continues to be the go-to brand for cable supplies for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

The BICC Components Factory is the venue where all the production activities take place. BICC Components was a legendary brand in this industry, and BICON has decided to its production facility to create its own product line which includes: cable glands, cable cleats, cable terminals, copper tube terminals, insulated terminals, compression tooling, cable cleats, and fixings, cable joints, and cable terminations, and compounds and resins.

Why Choose Us?

Pioneer Electrical LLC is one of the leading electrical suppliers of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in Dubai. We are one of the best Bicon UAE dealers, suppliers & distributors. We supply other branded electrical companies products like cables,bulbs,digital multimeter,earthing accessories,PVC conduits & accessories, stainless steels, metal halide, GI trays & switch sockets

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