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Ducab Cable Suppliers in Dubai ,UAE

Founded in 1979, Ducab is one of the prominent players in the wires and cables industry nationally and regionally. Known to produce and sell the highest quality-standards of power cables, the company combines the best of technologies and skilled manpower to manufacture a lengthy range of cables including DUCAB RUBICC – H07RN-F, Copper Rods and Wires, High Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, Low Voltage Cables, Fire Performance Cables, Instrumentation and Control Cables, Cable Components and Accessories, Ducab Metals, and much more.

As a result of the vast array of products, the Ducab has been associated with numerous top-notch projects in the UAE and abroad. In the UAE, Ducab cables and wires have been used in projects such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Emirates Palace, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, and Yas Marina Circuit. The company has also supplied power cables to projects such as the Ras Gas Project, Dasman Hypermarket (Qatar), Central Bank of Oman, Dilmunia Health Centre (Bahrain).

Ducab Electrical Wires in UAE

For clients and companies that are in pursuit of the best-quality power cables in the UAE, Ducab is the brand that makes them and supplies them like none other. Their manufacturing and production facilities are widespread and well-equipped with modern tools and technologies that can easily cater to bulk requirements. Right from Earthing Cables, Building Wire & Earthing Cable LSZH, Building Wires, Copper Tapes, to Armoured Cable MGT, Armoured Cables PVC Sheathed, Armoured Cable LSZH, the ever-growing selection of best-quality products in electrical wires and cables has established Ducab as the leading cable and electrical wires suppliers in UAE.

Not to mention, Ducab electrical wires and Ducab wires are cost-effective also because companies get the benefits of excellent customer service and technical support.fearth

  • Earthing Cables: These products are a must-have requirement in all kinds of building and construction projects. Ducab earthing accessories are manufactured with world-class raw materials and technologies that enable easy discharge of electricity at ground level via high-performing low resistance cables of wires.
  • Building Wire & Earthing Cable LSZH: LSZH refers to Low Smoke Zero Halogen. These cables are handy for facilitating smoke emission and toxic fumes transmission in devices built to safeguard against fire accidents. These cables have inbuilt flame retardant properties.
  • Building Wires: These consumables are a mainstay product that is used in almost every residential, commercial, and industrial site around the world. Also known as branch circuit wires, they are a staple in homes and offices. Building wires are universal carriers of electrical current to all power applications in an indoor location.
  • Copper Tapes: Typically, copper tape is an adhesive-backed thin strip of copper, and it is used in numerous hardware and gardening applications.
  • Armoured Cable MGT: This type of cable is routinely used as protective gear in external environments. The armour prevents the cable wire from getting damaged or pinched.
  • Armoured Cables PVC Sheathed: This cable wire works as an earth wire, and the PVC sheath is the agent that keeps all the components glued together, intact, and safe from external hazards.
  • Armoured Cable LSZH: This cable is widely used in environments where smoke and fire emissions and toxic fumes pose a risk to human life.

Why Choose Us?

Pioneer Electrical LLC is one of the leading electrical wholesalers and suppliers of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in Dubai & the UAE. We are one of the best Ducab cable suppliers in UAE. Our primary focus is to give our customers the most outstanding quality Ducab Products in Dubai. We are one of the wholesalers of Ducab products and we supply branded products of earthing cables, rubber flexible cables, fire-resistant cables & armored cables in the UAE. We ensure to provide superior quality Ducab electrical cables at pocket-friendly rates.

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