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Edison Products & Edison Light Bulb Suppliers in UAE

One of UAE’s best homegrown brands in the electrical vertical, the Edison Electricals is well-known for its comprehensive range of products – switches, sockets, electrical wiring devices and accessories under the series Dura Finish, Designer, Royale and Nano.

Edison Electricals has a signature catalog of electrical products and designs, and the company also specializes in custom-made work to match any client expectations and décor profile. All wiring accessories are manufactured to Gulf and international specifications and our fully equipped laboratory is capable of carrying out all the tests specified by the relevant standards.

Edison Electricals designs and manufactures electrical components for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Pioneer Electrical LLC is one of the leading electrical suppliers and wholesaler of the finest-rated and highest quality electrical products in the Dubai.We are one of the Authorized edison products & edison light bulb suppliers in Dubai.We supplies branded products of  Emergency & exit lights.

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