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If you are looking for an electrical wholesaler in Dubai, we are here. We top the list of the highest-rated project leading electrical wholesalers in Dubai. At our store, we provide high-quality best electric products that perfectly cover all your residence, industrial or office needs. Our catalog has all the premium products of top brands available at very affordable and competitive wholesale prices.

Electrical Cables Accessories Supplier in UAE

Get all the commercial or residential electric premium-range products such as electric cables armoured cable, rubber cables, fire cable and wiring accessories, earthing accessories, electric led bulbs, PVC and gi conduits, and much more with the leading electrical accessories supplier in UAE. As we are the No1 best and most trusted electrical wholesaler in Dubai GCC, our national and international bonds help us supply products worldwide.

1.Earthing and Lightning Resistant:

However, get a wide-range of earthing and lightning protecting accessories and cables from our electrical wholesale store in Dubai.

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  1. Earthing Accessories Lighting resistant:

All of our earthing products are manufactured from high-conductivity material that is used for a different purpose. The earthing products we sell are

The earthing products we sell are built with smart design measurements and provide maximum safety and protection.

2.Wiring Devices and Accessories

electrical accessories suppliers in uae

  1. Switch Sockets and Wiring Accessories:

Switch sockets and wiring accessories at our store are designed with top-grade material and are waterproof. Talking about the electrical accessories, we have,

All of these are top-brand accessories like SCHNEIDER, ABB, KED BROOKE, RR, LEGRAND, MK, EDISON, and more. It has high performance, protection, control, and durability.

  1. Isolators:

Along with the safety of the circuits, using insulators of top brands is necessary. We offer two types of low voltage isolators. Mainly,

Both of these isolators are of top brands like LEGRAND, HAVELLS, LS, ABB, HAGER, SCHNEIDER,  and more. Buy this at wholesale price from us. Both of these insulators provide high-performance and safety.

  1. Extension Sockets and Drums:

Pioneer Electricals LLC is one of the largest wholesalers of electrical accessories in Dubai and in the UAE. We have a wide-range collection of extension sockets and drums from the top brands like FAMATEL, KISTENMACHER, VETO. All manufacturing is of best-quality material and high-performance provides longevity by meeting your expectations.

  1. Industrial Plugs and Sockets:

However, at our place, you will find a well-established supply network for fulfilling your needs of the best brand like CEE, RAYNERS, FAMATEL, GEWISS, PCE, MK Professional plugs, and sockets. We have products including,

All of these products are shockproof and easy to install.

  1. Stainless Steel and Nylon Cable Ties:

Get the high-quality stainless steel and nylon cable ties of top brands like EDGE, RAYCHEM, THAO, TECHFLEX. and more in Dubai & in the UAE. Both Steel and Nylon cable is available in different sizes and shapes at our wholesale store.

All the steel cables are corrosion-resistant and have functional expectancy. Nylon cable ties have low threading capability and promote fast installation.

3.Power and Communication Cables

electrical cable supplier in dubai

  1. Armored Cables and Earthing Cables:

We have copper cables from the best brands like MESC, NCI, DUCAB, RIYADH, FED CAB, NATIONAL, and many more. A variety of armored cables are available such as,

All the cables are fire-resistant, of premium quality, high-voltage ranges between 600V to 1000V.

  1. Rubber Flexible Cables HO7RN-F:

Although it is very difficult to choose the best company rubber cables, We are the top electrical wholesaler in Dubai with the best prices and we have it from RAYNERS, TOP CABLES, TOP XTREME, DUCAB, NEXANS FRANCE, PRYSMIAN, FIRETEK, FIRECELL and more. The cables are pure copper, flexible, custom-made, fire, tear, and oil-resistant, and enhance versatility.

  1. Networking Cables:

As these networking cables are useful in transferring data between two devices, we have them from well-known brands such as SCHNEIDER, MESC, TEKAB, B3, BELDEN, and more. The cables we sell includes,

Facts about Power Cables

As we all know, there are numerous varieties of cables available in the market for different uses. But there are many such cables you might not be familiar with. For example, the power cable. It sounds new to you, right?

Now, let’s get familiar with a few amazing facts about power cables.

4.Low Voltage Switchgear Components

electrical wholesalers dubai


  1. MCB, MCCB:

MCB is very important in keeping safety to household devices and appliances. MCCB provides stability to short circuits and supports low voltage power. Both are part of insulators having high-quality and high-performance guarantee protection.

  1. Metal Enclosures:

At our place, get the manufacturing of metal enclosures from top brands like Alfanar, TECHFLEX, York Electric Corp. When it comes to the selling of metal enclosures, we have a track record of working with well-established international companies.

It is available in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Surface mount and wall mount are the well-equipped features of metal enclosures.

5.Cable Management System

electrical materials wholesale suppliers

  1. Galvanized Cable Tray:

A galvanized cable tray is the right choice to ensure the security of cables and electric wires. Here, we have impressive various cable trays of best brands like TECHFLEX, KOPOS, DELTA, DECODUCT, TMI, UNITECH, and more.

The cable tray product we sell includes,

It is cost-effective and provides safety from various kinds of environmental fluids and chemicals.

  1. GI Conduits and Accessories:

Here, at our wholesale shop, we have three types of conduits. techflex, BARTON, KOPEX, SAFE, BURN,  are the top brand’s conduits available as we have strong tie-ups with the best manufacturers.

Flexible GI Conduits, Rigid Conduits, and GI PVC Conduits are in the market. Although among all the three types of conduits, Flexible GI Conduits are popular. They have high elasticity, stability, durability, and are recommended for industrial and institutional projects.

  1. PVC Conduits and Accessories:

At our wholesale shop, we also have top brands of PVC conduits such as DECODUCT, REXTON, MULTIPLAST, KALISTER, TECHFLEX, CLIPSAL, as we have strong tie-ups with the best manufacturers in the UAE.

PVC Conduits are in the market. Although there are also special types of LSF PVC conduits, which are used for fire retardant area. They are also available in white color which has high elasticity, stability, durability, and are recommended for industrial and institutional special projects

6.Lightning Controls and Lamps


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  1. Emergency and Exit Lights:

Emergency and exit lights are always in demand as they are of much use. So, we have long-lasting ORBIK, VETO, KHIND branded lights you need during an emergency. We are listed as the best electric light wholesalers in Dubai.

Apart from this, we have standby Emergency Lights and Escape/Exit Lights. Get these lights at very affordable rates as high-quality low-cost material is used. All lights have maximum brightness and are explosion-proof.

  1. Bulbs Tubes and Ballast:

We, based in UAE, supplies a wide-range and of top-quality Led Bulbs, Tubes, and Ballasts. Our customer has preferred us as leading electrical wholesalers in Dubai because of the high-quality products and best brands like PHILIPS, OSRAM, TCI, TECH LIGHT, SELEX, and more.

You will get the best service and warranty along with the product at a very affordable and reasonable price.

  1. Metal Halide and Halogen Fittings:

As we are wholesalers, we supply a comprehensive range of electric products in various areas and the marketplace of UAE. The kind of service we provide and our wide-range inventory results in one of the most preferred choices among all.

All the top brands like TECH LIGHT, IMPERIAL, SAFELIGHT, SELEX, OSRAM, FRATER, V-TAC, manufacturing Metal Halide, and Halogen Fixing are available. Make it yours as they contain high-quality material and are of low cost.

  1. Cable Glands and Testing:

Get the top brand cable glands from us in UAE as we have them from SAFE, BICON, BIAX, CMP, RAYCHEM, DUCAB CONNECT. and many more. All of these branded cable glands are in demand. Various kinds of cable glands available at our store are,

Because of strong grip, hold, and high-impact resistance, these cable glands are high in demand. It also provides safety against moisture and dust.

  1. Brass Cable Glands:

Likewise, cable glands, brass cable glands are also manufactured from the same top brands ADAPTAFLEX, BICON, CMP, RAYCHEM, and more. As brass cables are crucial aspects of the entry points, we provide the best finishing touch and proper installation in our service.

When it comes to brass cable gland selection, we have various designs of it manufactured from different materials as per the requirement. The brass cable glands provide safety, have separate armor locking rings, and are well-suited for dry or indoor locations.

  1. Digital Multimeter:

HIOKI, KYORITSU UNI-T, MEGGER, are the top brands manufacturing Digital MultiMeter and are offered by us with the best growing selection in the market. For the Digital Multimeter, we have given accuracy, safety, and measurement standards.

Digital Multimeter voltage is safe and secure. They are equipped with various features like Data Logging, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and Voltage detection.

7.Miscellaneous Items

electrical cable supplier in uae

  1. Insulation Tape:

We are counted as a one-stop-shop wholesaler in UAE for various supplies of Insulation Tape. Whether you want it for the wire insulation or safety measures, we have a wide range of dynamic insulation tapes.

A wide variety of tapes comprises high-quality, well-designed, and affordable prices. RAYNERS, VINI-TAPE, DENKA, 3M are top brand insulation tape available at our store. The insulation tapes we sell are corrosion-free, can withstand pressure, and is handy in jacketing, bundling, and sealing.

  1. Exhaust, Ceiling, and Pedestal Fan:

Our brand has a footprint across UAE when it comes to electrical things. In recent years, we have a wide supply of commercial fans. Don’t worry about the innovation as our portfolio has fan manufacturing from the top brands like RR, USHA, XPELAIR, KDK, IGMA, and more.

Many various types of fans are available including,

Get the high-quality, well-designed, super stylish, and is ready to deliver high speed and performance.

  1. Batten, Louver, and Waterproof Fittings:

The kind of service we provide to our clients for any of our products has rated us the most preferred choice across the UAE. We are the most authorized wholesalers of Batten, Louver, and Waterproof Fitting because of our finest rated and high-quality products in UAE.

PHILIPS, RR, TECH LIGHT, FRATER, SELEX, and more are the top brands we have a tie-up bond for selling Batten, Louver as an international business.

  1. Fire Resistant Cables:

Our fire-resistant cables are specially designed with the best material that can be useful in various applications of residences and offices. All the fire-resistant cables at our store have well-established protocols and fire safety in the UAE.

TEKAB, DRAKA, FP200-GOLD, FIRETEK, RAMCO, MESC, FIRECELL, and more are the top brand fire-resistant cables available at our store. All the cables are burn and smoke resistant and are used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.

H4: Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment and Power Cables

electrical wholesalers dubai

Nowadays, Electricity matters the most in our lives. But as much as pros, there are cons of it too. To ensure the safety of the residence, offices, or any working area, several safety measures should be kept in mind. Let’s see more about the safety rules.

Apart from all these safety rules, we suggest you buy premium-quality and branded electrical equipment for your safety.

Hence, we are always at service for our customers and try to deliver the best products by working professionally and ethically. Feel free to contact us for any of the wholesale purchases at a very affordable and reasonable price.

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