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Exhaust, Ceiling & Pedestal Fans

As a full-fledged electrical supplies brand in the UAE, Pioneer Electricals LLC has a footprint in every electrical product category. In recent years, we have successfully established ourselves as one of the main suppliers of commercial fans in the UAE. Be it ceiling fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, multipurpose fans… we are moving in all directions, and how!

With us, you don’t need to worry about fan innovation. Our fans portfolio has products from the biggest fan manufacturing brands from around the world. Our fans have exceptional designs, state-of-art technology and innovation that combine to deliver high performance in every environment.

Our products

  • Our ceiling fans are well-made, super stylish, and can easily complement the design aesthetics of your rooms.
  • We have table and pedestal fans that are portable.
  • We also have a growing range of wall-mounted fans.
  • Exhaust fans are among our best-selling products in this category.

Pioneer Electricals LLC Dubai prides itself for being an all-rounder electricals supplier. Our fans’ product range offer a rich combination of technologically-advanced designs, features and applications. Together, they ensure highest-level customer satisfaction and value for money.

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