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 MK products Supplier in Dubai

A signature subsidiary brand of HONEYWELL, MK Electric has a plethora of products in wiring, lighting, cable management, and circuit protection, and astral (trademarked).

Historically, MK Electric was established in 1991. Initially, it was called Heavy Current Electric Accessories Company. After it was rechristened and got its present name, the company’s founders and workforce are committed to continuing their legacy of designing sophisticated electrical solutions.

MK is a pioneer in the Wiring Devices segment, with having introduced the concept of Modular Switches into the Indian market. The Wiring Devices product portfolio includes Aspect, Blenze, Wraparound, Ivory and Masterseal.  

MK Cable Management addresses these needs effectively and provides comprehensive solutions for both Wall and Floor applications.

LMS is essentially a comprehensive automation system of lighting control based on Occupancy/daylight. The settings are easily programmable to create customized lighting scenes. The system also enables communication between various lightings to ensure functionality in buildings.

MK astral™ , the advanced lighting system from MK Electric, brings out the best in your environment and is the ideal lighting control solution if you are looking to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room or residence. Pioneer Electricals LLC is  one of the leading supplier of MK products in Dubai and we are the leading electrical wholesaler in UAE

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