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Ensuring Electrical Safety in the COVID-19 Era

electrical safety

electrical safty during covid-19

We are living in challenging times, an era that is unprecedented in modern history’s timeline. The Coronavirus crisis has forced every individual and business to rethink their priorities and way of life.

As the majority of people become adjusted to newer realities of work from home and social distancing, it is important that we not only take care of ourselves but also the electrical devices around us.

While some of them are working overtime – especially at home – much other electrical equipment is shut, more or less. In both cases, we need to be responsible. With this blog, we aim to educate you about some of the important how-to’s related to the upkeep of electrical devices during CoVid-19.

As the work from home directive gathers momentum and becomes a permanent solution for the foreseeable future, it is important to practice new home habits that guarantee electrical safety and wellness in our homes.

  • Laptops and mobile phone devices are bound to be over-used: It is advised that you do not charge these or any other electrical items on sofas and beds. If you leave the plugged-in for prolonged periods of time, there is a risk that the electrical devices will catch fire or get overheated. To spare yourself the danger and embarrassment, ensure that you charge your electrical devices on hard and flat surfaces.
  • Do not overload electrical extensions: Just because you have multiple sockets that you can use, it is not good practice to use them all simultaneously.
  • Unplug charging wires after you have used them: If you leave the charging wires plugged in for too long then there is a risk that the inner elements of the wires can get overheated. Also, if you leave electrical devices charging for longer times, it can weaken the battery’s effectiveness, function, and durability.
  • Do not mix and match chargers and electrical devices: Doing so can ruin the battery life of the devices.
  • Do not indulge in “daisy-chaining” the electrical extensions: The term refers to a scenario where you forcibly plug in your cable wire into another adaptor (because you cannot reach it.) Instead of being unnecessarily innovative, use a longer cable or replace your work station closer to the electrical socket.


The Coronavirus may have confined you in your home, and the office workload may have gotten spiked. But that doesn’t mean that you allow your workspace to be a mess.

Make sure that your laptop, desktop, and other electrical devices on your work desk don’t mingle with liquid elements. Also, keep your work desk uncluttered and tidy at all times.

By practicing the aforementioned tips, you will be able to ensure that the Coronavirus situation does not wreak havoc on your electrical devices, and how you use them. And if you’re seeking high-quality and safer electrical products, you can contact us.

Stay home and stay safe. 

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