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Practice Care & Caution around Electrical Wires & Cables – Dos and Don’ts

causions about electrical wires and cables

electrical cables

Without electricity, our lives would be… without light. The use of electricity is one of the main factors that modern life runs on.

As necessary as electricity is it is also just as dangerous if not handled with safety and oversight. Incidents of fires caused by electrical devices are increasingly common around the world.

Interestingly, the majority of the electrical fires are triggered due to the poor conditions of electrical wires and outlets. To ensure that your home and office are safeguarded from electrical mishaps, it is important to keep some electrical safety measures in

  • When unplugging electrical wires, do it kindly and sensibly:  When it comes to unplugging cords, most of us tend to do it incorrectly. After we have finished using an electrical device our next instinct is to pull out the cord directly. This behavior causes maximum damage to the electrical cord; it could snap, the plug could suffer damage, and eventually spark an electrical fire.

  • Tangled wires are a sight that is omnipresent in every home and office: Tangled wires are bad news because they can cause people to trip and fall. The weight and impact of the fall is very likely to damage wires and cords. To avoid such a scenario, make sure that your wires are not a mess; keep them organized – make them into a neat bundle, and secure them in a tight knot.

  • Another The misplaced notion about electrical wires is that it is alright to push them under furniture or carpets: When you push electrical wires and cables under the rug – literally – you are putting them at risk of getting damaged because of a breakdown or exposure to destructive elements. As a result, there is a high possibility of getting electrocuted simply because you accidentally stepped on a wire under the carpet.

  • While it is a good idea to place wires and cables where they are visible, to keep them in plain sight is dangerous: If you have children at home, seeing wires lying around in plain sight may tempt them to pull down the wires, or play with them. It’s a high-risk scene because if and when children yank out a wire or two, they could get electrocuted. Long story short, don’t keep your electrical wires out in the open.

  • It’s a common habit in many people to secure electrical wires and cables with whatever material they can find: It is not a good practice. To use materials such as staple pins or nails can damage the cord’s shape and structure, and make it a hazard for anyone who comes in close contact with it.

  • Like people even electrical wires don’t appreciate pressure. Avoid placing your electrical cords in small spaces or behind bulky furniture. The more pressured or congested electrical cords are, the more likely it becomes that they will breakdown and become hazardous. To save yourself from a mishap, it is recommended that you use a cord-bundler to keep your wires secure and safe.

  • Overuse of electrical wires can cause them to heat up: Do not touch or tackle wires when they are too hot; try to keep the wires’ temperature in check.

  • Together electrical wires and water are a match that has the power to lit up together for real: That’s why one of the common pieces of advice is that you should always tackle electricity with dry hands and feet, and never wet. Moreover, never situate electronic equipment near water bodies like a tap, sink or bathtub.

  • Refrain from keeping your electrical devices plugged in when you are not using them: Even if you have switched them off and they are still plugged in, devices use electricity and burden your electricity usage. Moreover, if you keep your devices plugged in for a prolonged period of time, the outlet can get
    pressurized and cause outlet fires.

Whilst it is important that your practice the above measures for safety purposes, we also advocate that you make sure that the electrical cables and wires you buy are of premium make and quality.

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