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What is an Armoured Cable?

what is an armoured cable

Armoured Cable

Armoured cable, also known as SWA, is a durable power cable created for the supply of mains electricity. It is one of several armoured electrical cables, such as the 11 kV Cable and the 33 kV Cable, that are found in cable ducting, subterranean systems, and power networks.

Cable wiring is a staple in the hardware and construction industries. In addition to performing power supply duties, cables support and safeguard many other aspects of hardware and construction activities – indoor and outdoor. Because of the diversity of projects and evolving market trends and demands, various types of cables have become bestsellers. One of them is the armored cable. By definition, it is a common cable that features a protective coating that is placed between the jackets. As a result, the cable has high resistance against tense agents and the environment and can work underground.

when to use armoured cable

Classification of Armoured Cables

Before we get to explaining in detail when to use armored cables, you must learn about their varieties. Typically, armored cables are categorized into steel wire armored cables (SWA), steel tape armored cable (STA), and aluminum alloy wire armored cable (AWA). Under here, we provide their descriptions.

  1. Steel wire armored cables (SWA): Designed to fulfill the power supply of electrical mains, the SWA cable is an auxiliary control and power cable that is commonly used in underground systems, power networks, control systems, cable networks, etc.
  1. Steel tape armored cables(STA): As the name suggests, it is an armored cable that comes equipped with steel tape, and is mainly used in transmission lines under 35KV.
  1. Aluminum or aluminum wire armored cables (AWA): This cable type is ideal if you want to use single-core cables.

What are the Advantages of Armoured Cable?

There are one too many benefits attached to the usefulness and reputation of armored cables.

  • They are high-resistance and are very durable thus. The high-endurance level of armored cables is by design. Compared to other cables on the market, armored cables can easily withstand wear and tear.
  • Despite high popularity and demand, armored cables are very affordable. Regardless of the armored cable type, we promise you that the price point will not poke a hole in your budget.
  • Unlike other cables and wires that are situation-specific, armored cables are the best buy because they are flexible and versatile.
  •  Armoured cables are a top buy because they are work-friendly and worker-friendly. These cables are easy to use; you don’t need to be a certified technician to work with them.

When to Use Armoured Cable?

Armored cables are to be used in scenarios when you want cables to be etched underground, in tunnels, or installed outdoors. Rest assured if the ground is dug up and opened again, and if the cable gets accidentally damaged by the mechanical excavator or spade, the protective design of the armored cable will ensure its safety from hazardous exposure.

The difference between armored cable and non-armored cable

The main differentiator between an armored cable and a non-armored cable is that while the former comes coated with a protective layer (steel or aluminum), the non-armored cable type is sans any aforesaid safety feature.

Difference between Armoured Cable and Flexible Cable

The point difference between an armored cable and a flexible cable is that the former is made with different metal conductors and has fire resistance properties. The latter cable has a designed coping mechanism against tight bending radii and physical stress.

When is the armored cable required?

Armored cables are the best go-to option when you’d like to bury your protectively layered, high-resistance, and durable cables underground, and have them transmit power supply to external electrical sources and devices.

Armoured Cable Supplier in UAE

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