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Things You Did Not Know About Power Cables

power cables

Things You Did Not Know About Power Cables – Pioneer Electrical LLC

Power cables are a prerequisite component in numerous electrical systems and devices. There are a growing number of different kinds of cables that exist in the markets. Because cables are versatile and used in different devices, users need to be well-informed about what kinds of cables exist; their purposes are dictated by many aspects and factors, and each cable type has a mind of its own – in terms of technical configurations and specialties.  

As a user, you may like to think that you are a know-it-all when it comes to electrical cables, but surely there is information about power cables that will sound like news to you. Let us share some new facts about power cables:

Copper is Not a Resilient Conductor Versus Aluminum

One of the popular misconceptions is that copper’s electrical conduction competencies are much better than aluminum. As it turns out when it comes to determining which of the two metals is a better performer with electricity several factors need to be considered. Most importantly, other than the metals’ resistance power, the size and insulation material needs to be taken into account. Therefore, in instances where long-distance coverage is required and extremely high-voltage cables are to be used, it is advisable and cost-effective to use aluminum cable wires than copper cables.    

Current Capacity of a Cable is influenced by Many Factors and Does Not Guarantee Stability

Whenever people talk about power cables, there is always discussion about current cable capacity and that its stability stays intact forever. Unfortunately, though, nothing lasts forever, even in the case of electrical cables.

Cable current capacity is a feature that continuously keeps changing throughout the cables’ lifetime. The changes in the cable current capacity are triggered by aspects such as air or ground temperature, depths in which the cables are placed, and the overall condition of the cables.

Longevity of Cables is For a Limited Time Only

When people install electrical cables, there is a tendency to think that they will stand the test of time, and last for a very time. The reason this belief does not hold water is that electrical cables are widely manufactured and therefore the quality and durability of each electrical cable are different. Also, because every electrical cable is intrinsically different, the usage, capacity, and other factors come into play which ultimately decides the lifespan of electrical cables. Moreover, the longevity of electrical cables is also determined by how well or poorly it has been installed.

Cable Armor is Not Useful for Protecting Electrical Cables against Physical Damage

Contrary to its name, the cable armor is not a protective shield that protects cables against physical impacts. When a cable becomes physically-stressed, there is a possibility of damage, and the presence of the cable armor can only make it worse. The reason why cable armors are not protective gear for cables is that cables are manufactured with different components; cable armors are built using various materials – steel wire or steel tape. The cable armor materials improve the cables’ tensile measure and do not safeguard it from physical stressors.

The Cable Armor Does Not Make Electric Cables Moisture-Resistant

Another rather common fallacy about power cables is that the existence of the armor acts as a protectant against moisture (water). It should be understood that including the cable armor on the cable does not perform the function of saving the cable from deformation after getting exposed to water. On the contrary, when electrical cables are exposed to the moisture of any kind there is a high risk that the armor may get destroyed and the longevity of the cables may get affected.

Most of all, cable safety must be ensured – pre-installation and post-installation. Remember to review cable specifications and configurations before making the purchase. For high-quality electrical cables and wires, Pioneer Electricals in Dubai is the best go-to source in the UAE.

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