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MESC Brand Cables in Dubai

Established in 1993, Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) is ranked as one of the premier cable manufacturing brands in the Middle East, approved by Dubai Water and Electricity (DEWA). It is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified for all its activities right from the selection of raw material suppliers, schedule planning, production, testing up to the delivery of the cables.

The company built its first production facility in the Industrial Area of Riyadh to attune its growth with the burgeoning oil and gas industry of the country. MESC specializes in industrial, Instrumentation, and process control cables in addition to many other types of cables, the company has a firm foothold in conducting continuous R&D in cable technology and management.

MESC Cable Supplier in UAE

Pioneer Electricals is one of the top electrical wholesalers in the UAE. We are one of the suppliers of the renowned MESC products in Dubai. These cables manufactured according to national and international standards are robust and offer shielded protection.

As an MESC cable supplier in UAE, the products we offer to you are:

1. Instrumentation and Process cables for the automation and process control industry, marine and offshore industry amongst others.
  • Designed to meet your specific requirements to suit your project. Type PLTC, Type TC, BS EN specification, Fire resistant cables, lead sheathed and armored cables available (XLPE/OS/SWA/PVC) in single and multi-pair and triad collectively.
2. Building wire- Single core
  • Best for commercial and residential projects for lighting wiring, appliances, machine tools and control circuits.
3. Power and Control Cables
  • Hard drawn and soft drawn bare copper cable, flexible cables for industrial conditions, low voltage control and power cables, and irrigation cables for sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial settings
4. Data and communication Cables
  • Cables for building a complex IT network made easy. CO-Axial cables (MATV, CATV, MIL- SPEC, 50 OHMS Commercial Transmission, Industrial Twinax), LAN cables (CAT 6 UTP/ CAT 6A S/FTP, CAT 7 S/FTP), Computer cables, Telephone cables (Indoor cables [Telephone Unshielded/ Shielded, VRB], EES Type, Duct, Direct Buried), and System cables (Intercom cables, fire alarm cables, security cables, PA system cables and building management cables).
5. PVC
  • Manufactured to fit ROHS and international standards our insulation and sheathing applicators provide excellent surface quality and output while featuring all essential cable applications.

MESC branded cables are DEWA approved cables that can be used for commercial, constructional, industrial and residential projects in the UAE. This trusted brand in the UAE has been supplying various industries for almost three decades, proving over time their dedication to set a precedent in the market by achieving their goals with genuine and trusted products.

Why Choose us

Pioneer Electricals works with you to provide the best services to fulfill all your electrical needs, may it be a commercial, industrial, or residential project. We offer a range of premium quality products, that are reliable and at a reasonable price.

We at Pioneer Electricals offer quick and efficient customer service so we may assist with all your queries, request, and orders. When you approach us for your constructional needs, our team will cater to all your requirements in an orderly and professional manner.

As a leading electrical supplier in UAE, we work hard to maintain our commitment to provide you with only branded products throughout your construction journey. 
For more details on our products or on how to order, please contact us.  

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