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Equipped with some of the world’s best fastening and clamping products, BAND-IT has a wide footprint across industries around the world. BAND-IT stainless steel band clamps and fastening products are now being used in more harsh-duty applications around the world than ever thought possible.

The company’s products portfolio is headlined by product applications in categories such as: clamping, cabling management, insulation, hose attachment, identification, and pole and tower attachment and mounting.

BAND-IT takes pride in the performance of their fastening solutions. Clamps such as Tie-lok® Ties, JR® Clamps and Dual-Lokt® clamps are used worldwide in highly critical applications with a high cost of failure, so keeping track of clamp performance is imperative.

Industries that Band-It caters to includes: industrial, marine, energy, government and transportation.

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